Bike, eBike, Cycling Product Sourcing in Taiwan, China and Asia

Cycle-Export®, Bicycle Consultant, specializes in bike, ebike, cycling product sourcing in Taiwan, China and Asia. Do you want to build a complete bike, produce custom components or source parts and accessories? In any case, Cycle-Export®, Bicycle Consultant is the partner you are looking for. Our team of bicycle experts will connect you to the best cycling product suppliers and manufacturers. They will also assist you in your day-to-day project management. Cycle-Export®, Bicycle Consultant offers a wide range of custom services (for a detailed list of services, please click here).

We are not affiliated to any bicycle group and therefore provide 100% independent advice. For this reason, we will only recommend reputable, international-level manufacturers to our clients. In our reports, we do not only pay attention to the factory hardware but also to the management attitude. Last, Cycle-Export®, Bicycle Consultant attends international trade fairs such as the Taipei International Cycle Show, the Taichung Bike Week, Eurobike... Indeed, Cycle-Export®, Bicycle Consultant is the partner that you need for bike, ebike, cycling product sourcing in Taiwan, China and Asia.


world_mapCycle-Export®, Bicycle Consultant operates from Taiwan, “The Bicycle Kingdom”. We strongly recommend sourcing cycling products through Taiwanese companies, even if their place of manufacturing is in another country. First of all, because Taiwan is the World’s #1 bicycle designer and producer. Also, Taiwanese bike manufacturers have a five-decade experience of engineering quality ODM OEM cycling components for foreign brands. For this reason, they offer a prime choice of professional bicycle and ebike suppliers and manufacturers.

2016-08-18 12.48.24 amOf course, Taiwanese bicycle makers only assemble high-end products in Taiwan (usually in the periphery of Taipei, Taichung, Tainan and Kaohsiung). But they also own bicycle factories in Mainland China (PRC) and south-east Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia…) where they assemble lower-segment products. As a result, the Taiwanese bicycle industry is able to supply superior products at extremely competitive prices. In conclusion, purchasing cycling products through a Taiwanese bicycle maker isn’t necessarily more expensive. But it is much safer on all points of view: safety, quality control, customer service, respect of deadline, logistic chain…