Electrically-Assisted Human-Powered Vehicle Outzone: the Buggy of the Future

Cycle Export is glad to announce a cooperation with France-based “Outzone” designer Christophe Millot. Click here to visit the Outzone Facebook page. The project is to realize a revolutionary electrically-assisted human-powered vehicle (EAHPV). This type of vehicle is also called cyclo-car, cyclocar, electric quad, quadracycle or quadricycle. EAHPVs are the only true environment-friendly cars and represent the future of automobile industry. Indeed, they will contribute to ease urban traffic congestion, reduce energy consumption, suppress air and noise pollution.

OutZone is designed for 2 adults and offers additional space for child seat or luggage. The machine is expected to weight 50kg (110lb) engine included. It will allow a 100 km (62 miles) electric engine autonomy with two 80-kilogram (176lb) adults onboard. The machine will come in two versions: one for the city, registered as an e-bike (ebike), with no driving licence requested ; and an all-terrain version with a more powerful engine.

A convertible coupé with a sexy design

The specificity of OutZone is the playful design, that makes it an alternative to convertible cars. Most modern EAHPVs shapes take inspiration in trivial objects like shoes, eggs or shopping carts. On the contrary, OutZone will feature a sexy design inspired by the 1970’s “Buggy”.

Of course, our green Electrically Assisted Human-Powered Vehicle Outzone does not ambition to be as fast as its bigger sisters Mazda MR3, Mercedes SLK and BMW Z4. But the convertible bicycle buggy will be definitely as fun to drive, while contributing to reduce energy consumption and pollution.

Cycle Export is currently looking for professional ressource in Taiwan to make the Electrically Assisted Human-Powered Vehicle Outzone come to life. We need both engineering consulting and a manufacturing facility to make a commercially-viable prototype and future production line. Potential investors, partners or buyers are also free to contact us.