Time to pack again… for the Nanjing Asia Bike Trade Show!

Eurobike, the world’s biggest bike show, has just closed its doors. As for every year, tens of thousands of people in the bicycle business gathered in Friedrichshafen, Germany. There, they could discover and trade the latest cycling products and bike industry innovations. So one could wonder. What’s the point in spending one more week traveling to the Nanjing Asia Bike Trade Show?

The 6th Nanjing Asia Bike Trade Show (www.asiabike-show.com) will kick off on September 11. Is new schedule includes two business days and one public day. This event, created in 2011, ambitions to become the high-end trade show in China. A new professional platform for brand building and business communication, information exchange and ideas inspiration.

The 2016 Nanjing Asia Bike Trade Show features sports bikes, urban bikes, touring bikes, MTBs, eBikes, cycling clothing, accessories and components. They will host the bike industry’s latest technology and cutting-edge products collection to dealers, media and bike fans. Indeed, this new trade platform enables exhibitors and visitors to discover future opportunities.

What if You Can’t Attend Nanjing Asia Bike Trade Show?

For most bicycle professionals in the world, it is increasingly difficult to do business without traveling extensively. Although the Asian bicycle industry has without a doubt developed a lot, trans-continental projects are still a hassle. For project managers dealing with local factories, language and cultural barrier often add up to the inconfort of intercontinental travels. Indeed, a simple thing like contacting a factory through their website sometimes turns into a nightmare.

Of course, big companies might solve the problem by posting a correspondent in the key-locations. For sure, it’s the best solution to monitor sourcing, manage projects and develop connections. But let’s be honest: most small and medium enterprises (SMEs) just don’t have money and resource to deal with these questions.

Cycle-Export®, the Asia-based cycling consultant at your service

We opened our consultancy service in order to address this need. Cycle-Export® is the leading cycling consultant and bike project management agency in Asia. We are based in Taiwan, the very heart of the bicycle high-tech, and also cover China and south-east Asia.

As a matter of fact, Cycle-Export® provides tailor-made, multilingual services to international SMEs, startups and crowdfunding groups: strategy and design consulting, product sourcing, supplier research, factory inspection, quality control, shipping assistance… 

While most agents would take a cut on your transactions, Cycle-Export® will only charge a reasonable, one-time service fee. Just consider the cost of one week salary, airplane ticket, accommodation and per diem. It is likely that your company would save a lot of money going through a local consultant to monitor its Asian business projects.