Taiwan leads USA, Netherlands, UK, China bike import markets

Taiwan leads USA, Netherlands, UK, China bike import markets. The Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Republic of China (Taiwan) recently published statistics showing that Taiwan remains an unchallenged leader in the bicycle industry export markets (source: Taiwan News).

Bicycles and components made in Taiwan keep on being shipped around the world. Europe is the biggest overseas market for the Taiwanese bicycle export companies. In 2016, it represented 50.5 % of Taiwan’s bike and bicycle parts export. North America is the second largest export market (23.4 %). The Asian market comes in at third with 17.5%.

The top-three importers of Taiwan-made complete bicycles are the USA, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. Regarding bicycle parts, the biggest importers are Germany, the USA and the Netherlands.

The market share of Taiwan in Europe has dropped 7.8 percent since 1996. This is due to competition from China and Cambodia. But a significant part of these exports actually results from actually Taiwanese investment too.

Taiwan leads USA, Netherlands, UK, China bike import markets.

Taiwanese-made bicycles are light weight and high quality. This explains that they are so popular among in Europe, especially for athletes and competition. As a result, Taiwan still leads bicycles and parts sales in the Netherlands (37.1%) and the UK (26.1%).

The USA used to be the major export market for Taiwanese bicycles. But nowadays cheap Made-in-China bicycles, mostly used for leisure, flood the USA market (66%). Taiwan only retains 27.5% of the USA complete bike market, but is still the leader for bicycle parts export.

The situation in Japan is similar, as the Japanese favor low-priced bicycles used for commuting. Chinese-made bikes represent 84.2% of the market, while Taiwanese bicycles only retain the higher-end segment (14.5%).

Surprisingly, Taiwan does well in Mainland China (PRC). The Taiwanese bicycle exports to China increased an average of 31.6 percent a year since 1996. In 2016, Taiwanese bicycles represented 91.5 percent of the Chinese assembled bicycles import and 49.8% of bicycle parts imports.

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